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Custom manufacturing Services

  September 2017           You can still get that "Good old fashioned Service"

Engagement Ring Specialist!

Master-Jeweller, Eckart Schillings 

email: r[email protected]

phn: 0423 709799

Studio at Peregian Beach, Qld 4573, AUSTRALIA    

Visit my Studio, or email me now to find out how I can assist you with your Dream-Rings!

Getting your quality Rings Custom made is a Journey.

It takes time and very careful planning on the important Parts like which precious Metals to use, which Diamond or Gemstone, personal Features of the Ring etc

At the End of the Journey you will receive a well made, highly personalised,

'One of a Kind' Piece of Jewellery!           Yours to cherish for a long timed to come!

  My special Service for Couples!

Come and spend a Day in my Studio and

make your own Wedding Rings! 

If this is for you, visit my website: www.weddingringsmade.com